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The drawing app for Android

ScribMaster is a powerful paint and drawing application specifically designed for phones with large screens and tablets.

The paint engine works with scalable vectors instead of pixels, so you can zoom in and work on fine details without pixelation. For vectoring we use SVG, you can export your images to your pc for professional editing in this format.

The new, revised and intuitive user interface gives you quick access to the sketching & painting tools while it is still possible to make the interface invisible so that you can concentrate on your artwork.

If you create a ScribMaster account, you can send your artwork to other users via included instant messaging, or upload it to your online gallery (your "ImageStream").

Advanced features such as layers, transparency or the filling tool makes this application one of the most powerful of all drawing apps for Android.


Some images courtesy of Luciano Vivirito

Created by Stefan Ostermann, 2012
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